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Children and family fishing trips in Charleston, SC with Charleston Charter Fishing

Children & Family Fishing Trips

Capt. Bennett, a father of two, learned to fish from his father at a young age. One of the many things he learned was how important it was in his family and how it brought them together. So, he believes that a collective enthusiasm for fishing can bring families together as it did his. Even though his family lives far apart they still get together several times a year and have family fishing outings. Fishing is a unique tie that can help bring family members together regardless of age, gender or skill level.

A family fishing trip in Charleston, SC with your kids or grandkids is simply a great shared experience. In addition to being good clean fun, it is an opportunity for education and learning. The impression left in a young person’s mind by holding and touching a fish is far greater than they can glean from any book or video. During your family fishing charter, you’ll also have the opportunity to see bottlenose dolphins, pelicans, osprey and other animals that flourish in the Lowcountry.

One of Capt. Bennett’s goals on family fishing charters is to teach the basic skills needed for a family to fish on their own. He will focus on knot tying, casting, and tackle selection. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of being stewards of conservation so our fishery will thrive for years to come. He loves repeat clientele, but he believes it’s also important that families have the ability to start their own fishing traditions as his family did!

Book now with Charleston Charter Fishing - fly fishing charters, inshore light tackle fishing tripsWe offer a winning combination of captain, boat, and tackle to help ensure your inshore light tackle fishing charter or fly fishing trip will be the ultimate fishing experience for the entire family.

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